How to speed up your Blackberry

How to speed up your Blackberry

For the BlackBerry users, of course it’s very annoying when your gadget running very slow when running the application.

And to solve the problem here are some tips that can make your Blackberry run faster. Here is a trick to speed it up:

The first trick is:

Press the ALT key on the home-screen
While holding down the ALT key, type: LGLG
The new window will appear containing a log of activity Blackberry
Press the Menu (BlackBerry logo) and select Clear Log
Then, exit. And you can feel the speed of the Blackberry that had been slow


Be sure not too many applications are running, press the Blackberry (menu) for a while, so you can see a list of applications running, or it could also press the ALT + Escape to see the application running on the Blackberry. Turn off unused applications, go to the application, press the Blackberry button and select Close.


Wear Common Theme, not to weight. The weight theme can be very costly, so consequently the Blackberry can be slow. In addition always cleaned the Blackberry Browser Cache periodically.

GIMP, best free images editing app

GIMP, best free images editing application

GIMP is images editing application free version. Although these applications are categorized as a free version, but look at the application interface looks professional. You may often use Ph

otoshop as the one of the current best images editing . If viewed as a whole, GIMP is similar to the application even though there are still many deficiencies in it.

In contrast to some other images editing application , GIMP does not require a lot of capacity for the installation process, where the installation files that exist on this application is only about 102 MB, in contrast to some kind of application that can reach 500 MB. At the time of loading for the first time, GIMP does look very slow, but after some time you access this application to try out some of the features available, including the GIMP images editing application that is fast enough.

Some features of the GIMP is more widely used for the photo manipulation process, such as features available in Photoshop. Some of the tools and filters are also equipped with the facility of this application, so you can be more creative to do some images editing . Standard features of the GIMP are good enough to produce a quality and appearance of images that look professional.

GIMP, best free images editing app

GIMP, best free images editing app

Laptop Repairs In London

Laptop Repairs Services In London:

Laptop repairs in London and maintenance.

Laptop upgrade:  hardware upgrade, legal software upgrade.

Software and hardware installation, Operating system installation, Hardware diagnostics.

Laptop Data backup (System settings, work files, mail & other data).

LCD Screen replace,Laptop Screen Repair,Laptop LCD Screen Repair,

Laptop LCD Screen Backlight Repair, Laptop Screen Cable Replacement,

Laptop Inverter Replacement,Laptop Backlight Repair.

Laptop Motherboard Repair.

Battery replacement, Battery Replacement , CPU/Fan replacement , Damaged USB port , System crashes, Overheating, Liquid spillage/No startup activity .

Laptop power problem fix , Laptop power connector repairs, Laptop power connector replacement .

AC Adapter Repair,Broken power sockets.

Laptop component-level repairs , Laptop Power supply replacement, Laptop fan replacement, Laptop fan repairs .

Laptop Data Recovery in London : Laptop hard disk data recovery , Laptop data recovery, Laptop hard disk replacement , Laptop hard disk upgrades, Laptop data transfer, Laptop data retrieval .

Transfer of files and settings between Laptops.

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Virus Trojan worm removal, adware spyware removes, hijackers, rootkits removing , Pop-up and Malicious Software removal ,pc health check.

email set up ,outlook set up .

No power, freezing or hanging on start-up. System Won’t Shut Down

slow performance , Restoring slow computers to the original performing speed.

Blue screens, Operating System Failure, Error messages in the start-up.

Space Recovery on hard disk drive.

Internet connection problems, modem, ADSL modem, router installation, configure, set up

Illegal Operations Errors ,Hardware Failure,Hardware Conflicts ,Memory Problems, Printing Problems ,Network Problems,Data Corruption


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